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What is "body leasing"?

Bodyleasing is a rapidly growing hiring practice that is gaining popularity in various industries and sectors of the economy. In a nutshell, bodyleasing involves the hiring or loaning of outside workers by one company to another that needs additional labor for a specified period of time. In this model, the employee is formally employed by the bodyleasing company, but performs his duties for another company, called a bodyleasing customer.

There are many benefits associated with bodyleasing for both bodyleasing companies and customers. For companies, hiring employees on a short-term basis can be beneficial in terms of flexibility and adapting human resources to current needs. Companies can benefit from the expertise and skills of employees who are experts in their field without having to hire them on a permanent basis.


Employment models

the most popular!

Temporary work

The system most often chosen by our clients is the system of employing so-called “hiring”. “liquid team,” it means renting a certain number of hours for a given period. Once a month or once a fortnight at project meetings the topics to be done are discussed, sometimes there is a demand for only 40 hours per month and sometimes for 200, it all depends on the client’s needs.


For the duration of the project

Hiring manpower for a project is a compromise between temporary labor and hiring an entire department. The client establishes a framework agreement with us, which specifies the scope of our work and the period in which we will perform our services. A set number of hours to be used and a range to be performed is established. Every month we discuss the progress and do a partial accounting of the project, so the client knows at each stage how fast the work on his project is going.


As an independent department

An independent department is the most binding form of hiring external employees. In this form, our team takes the form of your internal department, receiving all sorts of tasks, from the mundanely small to building systems. The team is dedicated to the client, in an unlimited manner with the determination of the size of the team and the size of the hours of monthly work. Such an arrangement is usually set for a minimum of one year of cooperation.

Tailored to you

Periodic settlements

We know how important it is for the client to keep track of the progress of work on his project, so regardless of the form of hiring people adopted, we settle on a monthly basis, where at the end of the month the client receives an invoice for a predetermined number of hours, along with a report of work done, and optionally with the implementation of new functionality in the project.


Additional advantages

Bodyleasing offers a number of benefits for both bodyleasing companies and customers using the service. For bodyleasing companies, the main advantage is flexibility. They can easily adjust their workforce to meet the changing needs of their customers by hiring workers for short periods of time. This makes it possible to optimize the use of human resources and focus on the company’s core business. In addition, bodyleasing allows companies to access highly qualified employees who are experts in their field without the need for lengthy recruitment and training processes.

For clients using bodyleasing services, the main advantage is immediate access to skilled labor. They can quickly fill staffing gaps, handle short-term projects or meet sudden spikes in employee demand. Clients do not have to engage in costly recruitment and training processes because bodyleasing employees are already qualified and ready to go. This saves time, energy and resources, allowing customers to focus on their core business goals.


Our staff

Project Manager

The members of this team are mostly women with high relational skills. Each is responsible for its project team. They have relevant education and are fluent in English.

Backend Developer

A team of backend developers is a group of specialists responsible for developing, maintaining and optimizing the server side of an application or system. They have relevant training and specific knowledge of relevant programming languages.

Frontend Developer

Members of this team are responsible for creating interactive and attractive user inerfaces in web and mobile applications. They have in-depth knowledge of specific programming languages and web technologies.



Bodyleasing can result in significant financial savings for companies that use this form of employment. First, hiring employees on a short-term basis allows companies to avoid the costs associated with long-term contracts and employee obligations, such as vacation pay, social benefits and health insurance premiums. Companies can flexibly regulate the number of employees according to current needs, allowing optimal use of resources and eliminating the costs associated with maintaining excess staff.

Second, bodyleasing also avoids the costs associated with recruiting and training employees. Bodyleasing companies are responsible for the hiring process, verifying qualifications and providing appropriate training for employees before they are hired to clients. This means that clients do not need to invest in job advertisements, time spent reviewing applications, conducting interviews or arranging initial training. These savings can be especially important for companies that need workers for short-term projects or seasonal increases in business.

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